Virtual TableTop

This is a planned feature, meant to become part of YARPS in the future.

YARPS can replace your living room table with a virtual tabletop for groups who don’t need to play sitting in the same room together. Besides everything you need for traditional roleplaying it also provides a couple of new features.

Close friends don’t always live close to each other. Especially in a hobby like ours that often develops over many years the living situations of individual players may change over time. Spatial distance doesn’t have to be the end of a gaming group anymore, though, not even for individual players. Whether you’ve moved to different cities over the years or your group met online to begin with, YARPS supports online roleplaying via its virtual tabletop feature. You can play using voice or video chat, roll the dice virtually, and do basically anything that you could do at a physical game table as well. Some players even prefer online games for better immersion. In your own home, you can create and control your own preferred gaming environment. And the idea behind online roleplaying remains the same as with games played offline and in person: You tell fantastic stories in your shared imaginary space. In some regards, playing via a virtual tabletop platform has definitive advantages.

Roleplaying games and miniature wargames share a certain common ground, and even purists at one or the other end of the spectrum acknowledge some advantages of the other side. And whenever our heroes in roleplaying games take up their arms and our players roll for initiative, the clarity provided by miniature games becomes an enormous advantage. Maybe it’s because of the complicated organization of large groups of combatants or because of the easier visualization of the terrain: for battle situations many roleplayers like to add floor plans and minis to their games. YARPS will provide these features in the future as well. And of course, we’ll also integrate everything else you need for games over the internet.

Online Sessions

This feature is a future consideration and will be developed after the official release of YARPS 1.0.

YARPS can become your new living room. Start into your next game session with your friends in your own homes, regardless of the distance between you. Find game dates quickly without having to consider travel times or weather circumstances. You won’t be missing any aspects of traditional tabletop gaming. YARPS provides the platform for you to get together for your games. Communicate via voice or video chat, type text messages to individual players or the entire group and roll the dice virtually. Game masters can confer with individual players in secret in merely a few clicks, without having to leave the room or whisper. YARPS brings your complete game world, character stats, house rules, and background information together in one place. Its virtual tabletop feature allows you take your entire roleplaying experience online.

Combat Control Center

This feature is a future consideration and will be developed after the official release of YARPS 1.0.

It’s not enough just to know the positions of your allies and enemies. You also need to know which combatant’s turn it is, keep track of injuries or impeding conditions, or take note of who is even still standing on their feet and holding a weapon at all.

The integrated Combat Control Center supports game masters and players in the organization of battles. Via customizable attributes you can use YARPS with any game system or homebrew ruleset. Keep track of all combatants, their hit points or advantages. You’ll no longer need many sheets of notes and confusing tables with endurance values.

System Forge

This feature is a future consideration and will be developed after the official release of YARPS 1.0.

Maybe published game systems and rulesets don’t meet your requirements for a combat system. Maybe you prefer rules-light systems or want to add more details. Or you’re playing a game system that doesn’t use dice and stats at all.

No matter which rulesets you prefer, you’re not tied to a specific game system, and YARPS isn’t, either. You can freely customize your character sheets to include the stats you need for combat in your games. YARPS will be able to integrate those automatically and apply them in the way you specify. With this feature you won’t have to follow complicated rules of a published system. Instead, you can play after your own fashion and even develop your own rulesets—and of course you can share them with the community via the Content Hub.

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