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This is a planned feature, meant to become part of YARPS in the future.

Your ideas can have an impact on the games of others. Let your ideas inspire other players to tell amazing stories and make real money with your content.

Preparations for your adventures require a lot of time and effort. Yet, only the players in your group will usually be able to enjoy the results of your work. This is especially true when you’re working on an entire game world. But what happens to the retired mentors or defeated antagonists of your characters? Why should only your own characters be able to visit this tavern with the elaborate description? Can bards truly claim to be famous if only a small number of people have heard their songs?

Over the YARPS Content Hub you can offer your ideas to other users. With only a few clicks directly in your Encyclopaedia, you can make your content available to a wider audience. Your ideas will be able to appear in other players’ games – and you can earn a few Credits.

The Content Hub also provides an appealing platform for artists who want to offer their works to the roleplaying community. From the perfect soundtrack for an epic finale to illustrations of a beautifully fleshed-out space station – through YARPS, your creations may end up as additions for other people’s game sessions, as lifesavers for a desperate GM, or even inspire entire campaigns. The direct exchange with the roleplaying community also helps you get in touch with other players or find creative synergies. You’re among your own people here, after all.

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