Fri 06.12.2019

Our Partners

The Design Mechanism

The Design Mechanism – producer and publisher of the Mythras roleplaying game – joined our journey!

We are highly confident that this partnership will result in awesome and outstanding content for you, the players, in our Content Hub. Especially as we decided to integrate the Mythras Imperative rules in YARPS complemented by even more Mythras content.

Together with The Design Mechanism we are delighted to bring Mythras to GMs and players in a new way!

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Just recently we won another companion on our journey: Pinnacle Entertainment which is the group publishing the Savage Worlds rulebook and plenty other intriguing content.

Despite we did not had a chance to work out the details yet, we are excited about the many potentials in which this partnership can enrich your RPG experience!

Welcome aboard!

Ulisses Spiele & The Dark Eye

We proudly announce that Ulisses Spiele – one of the leading German RPG publishers – joined our journey!

Ulisses Spiele is responsible for the most successful German RPG: The Dark Eye. After our Kickstarter-Campaign we’ll offer a prototype version specially tailored for TDE. Furthermore, a choice of TDE-content will be provided in the YARPS Content Hub by Ulisses after the final release.

Welcome aboard Ulisses, great to have you with us!

Sonor Village

Sonor Village deals with audio production and musical creativity for every type of project.

In the past years the team, consisting of Antonio Affrunti (director), Daniele Siscaro and Gianluca Siscaro, has focused on the production of environmental sounds and background soundtracks for pen&paper and digital role-playing games, becoming one of the largest Italian music producers in the industry.

Check out the Sonor Village Soundcloud Profile!

For the upcoming kickstarter campaign, Sonor Village will support YARPS with a set of twenty high quality background music tracks, specifically created for pen and paper roleplaying!

So when the YARPS music management will become available in the final release our kickstarter backers will already have a basic library of great background music to get started right away! Welcome on board and thanks for the great support, Antonio, Siscaro and Gianluca!

Check out our Facebook Video Post where you find a first audio sample of the tracks Sonor Village will produce for the YARPS kickstarter campaign – we’ll show you more when the time has come!

Sonor Village will support YARPS with a set of twenty high quality background music tracks, specifically produced for roleplaying sessions.

The Dungeon Dude

Inspired by old roleplaying cartography, the Dungeon Dude creates hand-drawn maps on Instagram.

As the name implies, his main focus is on dungeons, but he also also creates fantastic kingdoms as well as fabulous cities. Check him out on Instagram: dungeon.dude

For the upcoming YARPS Kickstarter campaign, the dungeon dude will support YARPS with ten hand-drawn maps! At the final release of YARPS, these maps, from small and larger taverns and dungeons to a whole village, will be available to our Kickstarter supporters in the interactive map manager!