The smart web application for the challenges of role-playing games has been funded on Kickstarter!


The smart web application for the challenges of role-playing games.
YARPS is a smart modern web application full of fantastic digital tools for pen-and-paper and live action role-playing. Learn more about how YARPS is revolutionizing the creation of worlds and stories, the planning of adventures and campaigns, the documentation of your story, and the trading of role-playing content.

Below we will give you a brief overview about the advantages of YARPS.


World Building

Characters and creatures, realms and factions, locations, items and more—great adventures require the proper ingredients! With YARPS you easily create, connect, and manage everything in your game world.

Story Management

Plan your adventures and campaigns. Manage your game sessions. Chronicle how your world changes: YARPS can be at your side all the way when you bring your creations to life.

Special Features

Interactive maps, detailed character portraits, atmospheric background music, customizable calendars, and many other things - YARPS helps you immerse yourself in the worlds of your own creation.

Content Hub

The YARPS Content Hub is the place where you can find or offer everything your role-playing heart desires - from an individual character or image to entire worlds and campaigns. All contents are created for and with YARPS and can be automatically integrated in your instance.


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