Strategy Roleplaying

This is a planned feature, meant to become part of YARPS in the future.

This feature is for adventurers who always wanted to manage their own estate, and for soldiers who longed to command their own armies. Reign, plan, and conquer – with YARPS’ strategic online roleplaying game.

Here at YARPS, we are also big fans of both turn-based and real-time online multiplayer strategy RP browser games where you control the characters as well as the diplomacy, military, and economy of a certain faction in the struggle for power. In the future we are therefore considering implementing strategy game functionalities in YARPS.

We’re thinking about official instances taking place in the World of the Argenekon or other premium brand fantasy settings. Yet behold: You might even be able to set up your very own game with your fellow roleplayers and friends that will take place in your own game world. YARPS strategic roleplaying will provide a whole new level of roleplaying experiences by pairing your traditional character-based tabletop roleplaying with a competitive strategy game in the very same game world.

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