State of the Art Technologies

This is a planned feature, meant to become part of YARPS in the future.

YARPS turns the Encyclopedia of your game world into your virtual library. Intelligent technologies make all features reliably available at all times.

YARPS utilizes stable but progressive web technologies. These will allow you to run and use your instances on every device that supports a web browser, such as smartphones, tablets, Windows or Mac computers, or smart TVs, both on your own and together with your friends.

The web application is optimized in its performance. It uses separate databases for every instance and employs a hosting platform for high availability solutions. This way, you can use your instances fluently without loading times, even when they’ve grown extensively.

Thanks to the online storage space included in YARPS you don’t have to manage image or sound files separately any longer. You can link additional media files to every entity that are available as soon as you open the entity itself. You can also make your uploads available to users of this instance immediately.

The larger the encyclopedia of an instance grows, the more difficult it is usually to find things. YARPS’ search feature is incredibly comfortable. In an almost magical fashion, it helps you find the exact citizen that you created over 3 months ago, even if you don’t remember their name but just recall which district this NPC lives in. This powerful search feature recognizes typos and uses the connections you’ve defined between entities to help you find what you’re looking for.

Maybe your YARPS instance has grown and you’ve accumulated a gigantic repertoire of locations. Via the integrated filter options, you can stay on top of things at all times. Within seconds you could, for example, display all subordinate locations of a certain region that are still works in progress.

Responsive Web Application

This feature is not available in the YARPS Prototype but it will be at least partially available after the official release of YARPS 1.0.

Access your instance with your device of choice whenever you’re online. No downloads necessary. YARPS is browser-based and always available for you. Log into your personal account to access your instance from anywhere, even using another computer. In case you prefer your notes printed on paper – maybe you’re playing on a long journey or in a remote cabin without internet access – you can always export your work in PDF. This way, you can always bring your game with you offline.

Standalone Offline Application

This feature is a future consideration and will be developed after the official release of YARPS 1.0.

We’re also thinking of those among you who prefer to work on their game worlds in quiet, with as few distractions as possible. Maybe you’ve banned Wi-Fi access from your workspace or want to implement photos from your last hike into your instance even though you don’t have a network connection. YARPS will be available for you in those situations, too.
In the future we’re planning to implement an offline feature. You’ll be able to work on your game world without an internet connection and later synchronize your changes with the live version of your instance to make them available to all users. Dive into your game world whenever and wherever you want.

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