Idea Hub

This is a planned feature, meant to become part of YARPS in the future.

Let your voice be heard and present the YARPS team and community with your ideas. Vote on improvements and their priorities, and make entirely new suggestions of your own.

YARPS is designed for roleplayers by other roleplayers, and its development aims at meeting their actual requirements. Of course, we already have many ideas for further development. We’re already working on small improvements to our core features or on new concepts for YARPS over the long run, such as a Virtual Tabletop app or a strategy game that can be integrated into instances.

We want to hear your thoughts, on minor changes as well as larger endeavors. Let us know what is most important for you in the development of YARPS. Maybe some of you even come up with ideas we haven’t thought of before!



Our YARPS Idea Hub is the right place for exchanges of this kind. Here, you can contact us directly to tell us about your suggestions, ideas, and wishes. You can also find out more about our plans here, or comment on the ideas of other YARPS users. Via the Vote feature, you can also indicate your priorities and which developments are the most important for you. Together with the Community Hub our Idea Hub is the best place to get in touch with both the YARPS team and our community. As a team, we want to stay in touch with the community and keep you updated when your suggestions are being realized and implemented. Sometimes we will also explain our views on ideas that are less easy to realize, or will ask specific questions.

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