3rd Party Integrations

This is a planned feature, meant to become part of YARPS in the future.

We’re working on cooperations with third-party developers of roleplaying tools to make YARPS a hub for your favorite roleplaying applications.

Map generators, character creation tools, virtual tabletop applications—the number of tools for roleplaying games is as large as their fanbase. Every group has their own favorites due to different playstyles, requirements, or expectations. Nevertheless, there are a few outstanding tools that are easy to use and provide many useful features.

If you’ve found the ideal tool for you and have familiarized yourself with its handling, you don’t want to move on. With YARPS, it won’t be necessary to change. Integration of selected external applications is an essential part of our concept. We’re already talking to vendors of different applications that we’re excited about ourselves. It is our goal to connect these applications to YARPS in a way that benefits both sides.

Tell us about your favorite tools in the Idea Hub! Maybe we can get in touch with their developers or are already working on a cooperation.

If you’re a developer of a tool for roleplaying games that you would like to see connected to YARPS, please contact us with your ideas!

Data Import & Migration

This feature is not available in the YARPS Prototype but it will be at least partially available after the official release of YARPS 1.0.

The issue of importing or migrating data from another platform is a complex one that can’t be answered on a general level. Whether data can be imported in YARPS largely depends on the respective applications. Those display fundamental differences in their approaches to data export, if they even support the export of game data in the first place. Here at YARPS we’re looking at opportunities for data import and migration, nonetheless. We want to make your start with YARPS as straightforward and easy as possible, no matter if you’re bringing an existing game world with you or want to create a completely fresh one yourself. Let us know if you´ve any ideas or suggestions about the topic in our idea hub!

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