This is a planned feature, meant to become part of YARPS in the future.

Worlds change over time. Settlements are founded, planets colonized, and items change their owners – this might even apply to souls. Many changes will take place within your instances, and like a diligent chronicler, YARPS will record these changes automatically and display them for you in well-organized timelines.

Sometimes, characters will be too late to experience important events first-hand. Their only option will be to look at the past through means such as archives in public libraries, powerful spells or magical artifacts, or oral tradition and hearsay. Often, research tasks like these are part of their job. To allow players to perform this research even in between game sessions, YARPS does not use static entities. Through the instances’ custom calendars and Change Events YARPS can access all changes that were made to an entity over time.

An entity’s automatically generated timeline is updated on its own whenever something important happens in the Story Management. You can then display these timelines in a way that users can switch freely between past and present. For example, you can look up how the allegiance of a city changed over the course of the last civil war or trace the ownership of a powerful weapon.

This timeline view isn’t limited to single entities. You can look at specific factions or collections of entities or even display a timeline of important events throughout the entire instance.

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