Automatic Documentation

This is a planned feature, meant to become part of YARPS in the future.

YARPS helps you remember the deeds and actions of your characters, during the last game session and at all other times. The Automatic Documentation feature records everything that happens in your game world, and creates chronicles for every entity without requiring your group to take notes.

It is the dream of every adventurer that children everywhere look up to their heroic deeds. Most of them have lived through enough tales to fill large books. An adventuring party might easily require an entire library. But who’s going to record all those exciting stories? Our heroes could exchange their swords for pens and do it themselves, but who would go on adventures in their stead? Eventually, every adventuring career comes to an end, one way or another. But wouldn’t it be great if the tales of our heroes’ deeds could be told before it’s time for their memoirs? Often enough players could already use a reminder of what happened during their last game session.

YARPS can help you with all these things (except for your hero’s early demise itself). Its Automatic Documentation feature creates your game’s chronicle all on its own. It records every change in your world and your stories with little effort for players or game masters. You’ll find a reference for the actions of your heroes as well as their opponents. Players can look up the events of the last game session when they were absent or browse what happened a long time ago when they want to reminisce their character’s early days.

YARPS doesn’t just record the stories of heroes and villains, though. Locations, cultures, objects – everything that is important enough for your instance to have its own entity will get a chronicle of its own. And of course, these aren’t just static texts! Thanks to Change Events and Timelines YARPS will create well-structured, dynamic overviews.

Scene Chronicles

This feature is at least partially available in the YARPS Prototype or it will be at least partially released even before the official release of YARPS 1.0

YARPS is the tireless chronicler for your roleplaying campaign. During your preparation of your game  you will already link all relevant entities to the individual scenes. If one of your heroes has their horse with them, YARPS automatically documents in which scenes, story arcs or game sessions the animal will appear. Later, the player in question is able to look up all the places the loyal steed carried their character, which dangers they braved together, or if other horses were present during those scenes—maybe the character is thinking of a new career as a horse breeder.

Change Events

This feature is not available in the YARPS Prototype but it will be at least partially available after the official release of YARPS 1.0.

With this feature you can point out to YARPS when an important change affects an entity. Maybe a character is badly injured, or a valuable item changes its owner. As soon as you confirm the respective Change Event, YARPS automatically adds it to the related entity as a new state. Thanks to the integrated Timelines old states aren’t deleted but merely updated. When you look at a character’s past, for example, you can find out how often, and where, they already pawned a family heirloom for the sake of a gambling addiction. In case the character doesn’t come back to redeem their possession one day, YARPS will remember exactly where it is.

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