Personal Notebook

This is a planned feature, meant to become part of YARPS in the future.

Every adventurer needs a journal to keep track of all mysterious encounters, the mumblings of drunk treasure hunters, or the names of his past companions.

Just as every chronicler has a scroll at hand, YARPS gives you a journal to gather all information that is relevant to you and your adventures. All players, as well as GMs of course, have their own, private notebook. Here you can write down general ideas, set reminders, or add specific private comments to an entity. Every time you open a commented entity in the encyclopedia YARPS will remind you — and only you! — of your notes. Whether it is a secret, a personal matter for your character, or some investigations you don’t want to share (yet), your personal journal is the right place. Small reminders, a summary of a scroll, or a great idea you had just before the end of the last session: they all go in here.

Of course you can also search your notes, in case they become too extensive for a quick glance, make use of the automatic table of contents, browse all entities you attached notes to, or even let your journal send you an email when one of your pinned entities is edited by somebody else.

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