Tue 05.04.2022

Win your personal YARPS Portrait in our survey


Dear friends and backers of YARPS!

We need your help improving our app. Let me tell you, why our survey relies on your impressions and how you can win your personal portrait.

Developing the new YARPS release has a lot of similarities to planning a RPG campaign for your group. Naturally you start with lots and lots of great ideas, a new vision and ambitious plans. As you start to create, sparks are flying. You are highly motivated, you’ve learned a lot from the last time and you want to improve so many things.

Yes, it’s a lot of work. Hard work. Preparation can be exhausting. Writing – be it background lore or code – is not an easy task and you will encounter obstacles that you could not have foreseen. But you keep going, because it’s your passion. And if something is your passion, you enjoy working on it – even if it is hard. Maybe even more so. You enjoy it and you also want to share it. You are thrilled to let others experience what you’ve created.

This is the point where, as a Gamemaster, you have to think about what your Players want. What did they enjoy in the last campaign? Are there things that slowed down the adventure? How could you challenge your Players with new experiences? Because in the end, you want to improve things for them; to enjoy them together. And that is – of course – what we are working on with the new YARPS release at the moment.

There’s always room for Improvement – User Survey for usability

I have a little tradition in all my RPG groups. After our sessions everyone gives a quick feedback or shares her or his personal view of the session. It’s the opportunity to appreciate the Gamemaster’s work and the roleplay with other members of the group. But it’s also the time to mention things that weren’t perfect and that need some work done. Maybe most of you do it the same way?

We have this for YARPS too… in a way. While working on the prototype you, as community, helped us a lot with your feedback, your suggestions on the idea hub and your continuous support. We always felt very appreciated, because of how many of you sticked with us. You sharing your experiences with YARPS always is of great value for the development. That’s why we want to use the opportunity to ask you a few questions. Like mentioned in earlier announcements we are focusing on reworking our usability concept. Part of this concept is a survey. You are the ones who have used our app. So you know what could be tweaked and what has the highest priority to you. While we already reworked and improved a lot of the backend mechanics of YARPS, this survey will help us design the surface and structure in a more intuitive and user friendly way. That’s why we are very interested in your opinions. We hope you will share your experiences and impressions with us. As an additional token of gratitude we included a raffle among all participants (see below).

The survey should not take more than 20 minutes. Thank you for taking the time – it helps us a lot!


Win your personal YARPS portrait in our raffle

As a thank you we will raffle a special price among all of the participants. Anna, our talented artist, will draw YARPS style portraits of the three winners (or of someone else the winner chooses). The digital portraits will be sent to the winners, and later be implemented in the Portrait Generator. That way you can officially build your spitting image within the YARPS app! It doesn’t get much nerdier than this – trust me, you’ll love it!


All the best,
on behalf of the YARPS team,