Fri 03.02.2023

Introducing: our smooth code-caster

Dear friends and backers of YARPS!

I hope you’re all alright and doing well! It is time to introduce the next team mate.

Working on this team interview part, I started thinking about the word smooth and did a little research. It is full of meanings, if it comes to dictionary definitions. Among the popular Cambridge dictionary definitions one can be found that states:

adjective: smooth; not interrupted; happening without any sudden changes, interruption or difficulty.

One could now ask, alright, if so, is there anything smooth in the world at all? But howsoever, anytime when we’re sitting together, enjoying our RPG sessions, the worst thing that could happen is that everything proceeds smoothly. How super boring would that be?!
I’m sure we can all agree that we would deeply appreciate a real world proceeding its challenges and solutions smoothly, at least for a few breathes, but our quests must in any case be thrilling, challenging, full of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, brillant foes and unforeseeable surprises, right?

When it comes to team mate personality traits, smooth is very desirable. The team mate I want to introduce today has been a RPG player for decades and for sure prefers thrilling RPG experiences. We called him the smooth code-caster. Why? Let’s find out. Welcome Jakob.

Jakob: Hi Michael!

Michael: How are you today?

I just pulled a ligament in my knee while skiing this weekend, but apparently no real harm done, so it was worth it 😄 Besides that I am fine, thanks.

Glad to hear that. So. Let’s dip in: what is the secret that makes the smooth code-caster so smooth?

Good question. All I know so far: It obviously isn’t about my skiing skills. (laughing) I never questioned that nickname so far, but thinking about it now, I am unsure why it was chosen for me. Maybe it is because I want features I implement to work as smoothly as possible, so there is some truth in it there.

What is your main task area in the development of YARPS?

I am one of the developers and in that field I am working mainly on the frontend side of the project. That is the part the user interacts with in contrast to the backend, where the data is handled and stored.

What are you currently working on?

I need to make sure to not spill the beans here, but lately I’ve mainly been working on two areas. One area are general UX features for YARPS that will allow some fancy interactions and customizations for our users. Another part concerns the underlying software architecture and data flow. We’ve been putting a lot of brainpower into the question of how to work with data in the application to keep it as performant and lightweight as possible. Depending on the user, we might be working with large amounts of data and we want the app to be snappy all the time.

Is there a feature or function of YARPS that excites you the most?

Hm, it’s hard to pick one single feature. I just want the user experience to be great, so I am mainly excited about all the features we implement for making sure using the app is as smooth as possible.

You’re playing RPGs yourself. What was your most exciting experience on the roleplaying table?

Oh there have been lots of really exciting situations. The most recent one causing a slight panic was me (or rather my Druid) running around in form of a tiny cockroach among our enemies to gather information, and suddenly noticing that huge ice elemental staring right at me.

(Smiling) If someone shouted Freeze! that moment would have become epic for sure. Your character sheet states that you love technology and riddles (which really helps when it comes to coding). Does this have an impact on your preferred RPG system or world?

Nope, I don’t think so. But it has an impact on me loving my job, since what I am doing most of the days is solving little code riddles.

That was a very smooth interview indeed. Thanks Jakob!

You’re welcome!

While Jakob returns to his notebook to continue solving little code riddles as another quest within the big campaign of forging the next YARPS release I realize that there is only one team mate left to be introduced: the guy. At least as long as we’re not hiring new team mates. So stay tuned and enjoy roleplaying.

All the best on behalf of the YARPS/Compositas team,