Smart Random Generators

This is a planned feature, meant to become part of YARPS in the future.

Whether you need a name for an NPC you just improvised or whole entities for buildings or encounters for the next adventure: With YARPS’ smart random generators you’re always ready whenever your players stray from the paths you’ve prepared in advance.

You can never be prepared for everything. Every now and then, players will ignore all paths you’re prepared for them and choose an option you didn’t think of. Instead of returning the prince they just rescued to his mother, the queen, they will tell him of the sweet life as a roaming adventurer and are bent on freeing him from his responsibilities at court. It’s a rare skill to improvise well while your prepared plot is floating away further and further. In situations like this any kind of support is valuable.

YARPS provides random generators that are more than just lists and collections of items. By analyzing the context of certain parameters you’ll get results that fit your situation precisely. The name of an improvised character will be fitting their cultural background, and a noble character will receive an appropriate title.

With a little bit of preparation, YARPS can generate entire entities randomly according to your weighted distribution. This way, you’ll always come up with a response to any surprises your players might throw your way, even if you didn’t expect their ideas at all.

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