Sun 10.11.2019

YARPS’ Kickstarter Campaign Start!

Dear friends of YARPS!

As we already announced a couple days earlier, our Kickstarter campaign will start today! Of course we want to enable the early birds among you to properly prepare for the exact launch time, so here it is:
The YARPS Kickstarter campaign will start today at 20:00 UTC. By the way, that means for example 21:00 in Germany, 3:00pm EST and 12:00pm PST. If you’d like to receive a reminder and be with us when the time comes, just join the event on our Facebook page! Of course we’ll also send you the campaign link in time.

To allow for an even better preparation, we have put some previews together for you. Of course you’ll get much more information once the campaign and our new website are live, but we already want to share some basic campaign information with you.

Probably most important: the goals of our campaign. Implementing all the planned YARPS features requires a considerable amount of time and, of course, money. We are however not asking you to completely finance the YARPS development. Our small software company already invested a lot of time – and money – and we will continue to do so because we believe in what we are doing. What we are asking for however is your support to speed up the YARPS development. The more you pledge, the more we can focus on YARPS – that’s the basic idea.

Therefore we start with a goal of 5.000 € which will allow us to finalise YARPS 1.0 within 2020. However, we are of course hoping to release the final version much earlier! Through our campaign, it will hopefully be you enabling us to do so. Please check our Kickstarter Page for more details.

We’re excited about the upcoming start of our Kickstarter campaign!
Let us know how you feel about it and share your thoughts in the YARPS Community Hub, on Facebook or via Mail!. We’re looking forward to seeing you when the campaign starts!

Best regards
The YARPS Team