Thu 28.11.2019

YARPS Now Comes with 3 Instances & CSV Import!

In the past months we received plenty of requests asking for an import feature that would allow convenient transitioning to YARPS from different services and tools or from your current, custom made setups – reaching from handwritten paperwork to text documents and spreadsheets.

In order to have you guys covered we are therefore working on an import feature that is allowing you to process this transition in an easy way.

Check out Our Basic Import Feature

Instead of you recreating all of your existing entities and relations via YARPS’ interface you will be able to upload a file containing hundreds if not thousands of entities to YARPS and have YARPS do the batch creating of your entities. We are not sure by now to what extent this convenience feature can be developed, because this especially depends on the setups you use and the possibilities of those setups in providing structured data exports, yet we will try to continuously improve the current development state over time.

Anyways with this announcement we provide you with the first iteration of an Importer which is currently focused on utilizing a CSV file as input format. Surely this is a very early, experimental implementation which will undergo some further development. Still we found this basic implementation to be ready for being evaluated by you, the YARPS community. Especially as this feature can also be used for creating numerous new entities conveniently by entering all the data in a spreadsheet first.

We also created a short how-to article on preparing a CSV file that can be uploaded to YARPS.

In order for you being able to test this feature in its first alpha iteration without worrying about messing up your current instance, we have another update in store for you today:

Up to 3 Instances for You to Test With

Regardless of whether you want to test our CSV Import feature or just want to have another gaming setup prepared for you and your colleagues, you now can create 2 more instances to do so. Feel invited to share each of your instances with different comrades and have them working with your game setups as well.

As announced in earlier updates, we won’t wipe the databases. So be assured that all setups you create today, will stay available in YARPS 1.0. Based on our updated pricing model, simply creating additional instances is not causing you any costs. Not during development and not after release of YARPS 1.0.