Tue 10.12.2019

Preparation of Pre-Orders

Dear friends of YARPS,

As you already know our campaign on kickstarter is now closed – a huge success, we perceive!

Despite our Kickstarter exclusive offerings, like Lifetime Premium Instances, are therefore not available anymore, we still want to give anyone the chance in making some good deals before YARPS 1.0 is actually going live. Especially those who may arrived a little too late to the party in order to join the Kickstarter campaign.

In the next couple days we will prepare a follow up to our Kickstarter campaign, via which you can place pre-orders already for getting access to our Feature Alpha Phase for instance, as soon as we have it released, or make a good bargain on our subscription Plans which will be complemented with a discount during the pre-order phase.

As soon as we are ready for you, we’ll update this page accordingly! To stay posted on this you can subscribe to our Newsletter or check our facebook page.

The YARPS Team