File Manager

This feature is at least partially available in the YARPS Prototype or it will be at least partially released even before the official release of YARPS 1.0

Always have your handouts, pictures and drawings at hand. With the File Manager, you can upload, handle and share every asset you need to help your fantasies come closer to life.

Building a new world in your mind and sharing it with others is a beautiful thing. But often it’s not enough to simply talk about all the new characters and places. You want your players to visualize your world, you want them to hear the audio log of an abandoned space station, or give them a treasure map to start their journey. Now that you’ve gathered all these files you may want to have them with you wherever you go. You might want to allow your players to access them freely at any time. With YARPS, you can simply upload them to the File Manager. Once uploaded, you can easily organize, edit or link them to your entities.

Thanks to the cloud storage system you aren’t limited to a specific device, either. As soon as you are online you can access your files, organizes them in folders and even start editing images from wherever you like. And the File Manager is not just for visuals aids, it also supports audio and video files as well as PDF and text formats.

Whatever handout you prepared for your group, you can automatically share it via YARPS. If it’s still a secret or unknown to your players you can make it invisible to them by moving the file to a special GM folder.

The File Manager is an easy-to-use tool to support your imagination with up to 10 GB storage!

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The YARPS Prototype is available to everyone for free until the final release in Autumn 2020. If you want to get a first impression, just give it a try! Even after the release your work will remain save and you'll be able to keep your instance running for free.


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