Thu 27.02.2020

YARPS Changelog

This page is meant to outline any changes that have been released, so that you are aware of new features, bugfixes, and new application behaviors.

2020, January 24th (Version 0.2.9)
UI Enhancements & Kickstarter Survey Processing

  • New Entity Action: Reveal Entity (Entity Menu of all entities)

    This is improvement worth noting for anyone who found himself to require way too much time in order to make an entity visible to other players. We just made this a two-click action, which also doesn’t require you to enter the edit mode.

    You can find this option by clicking on any entity’s Entity Menu, located in the top right of the entity’s the header box. The first menu option will show you the option Reveal to Players.

  • New Entity Action: Reveal All Entities (Entity Menu of “Collection” entities)

    This also is a small improvement – yet – meant to reduce efforts of setting the visibility of larger amounts of entities by revealing a collection’s entities to other players all at once. In case of an import, for example, this should significantly reduce pain for your index finger.

    Similar to our Reveal Entity improvement, you can find this action by navigating to a collection of your choice – e.g. an import collection – and klick on the Collection Menu. The first navigation item will offer you to Reveal to Players, which will take effect for any entity that is part of this collection.

    Outlook: We will spread this feature for further use cases in the near future. For instance you could reveal all entities to players that are assigned to a certain Session, which we find to be a handy thing as well.

  • New Entity Action Duplicate Entity (Entity Menu of all entities)

    This entity action is creating a complete duplicate of the respective entity which we find especially helpful when creating multiple, rather similar entities in one batch — yet not numerous enough to utilize our import feature. Also this is a significant step towards using template entities.

    By now you can have an entity that is only meant to represent the essence of your game world’s structure. By duplicating this entity in order to conveniently derive new entities from that blueprint, especially creating new worlds from scratch will be way easier for you to accomplish.

    Same as for the previous new actions introduced above, you can find this one in the entity’s Entity Menu located in the top right corner of the header box. There you will find the option Duplicate Entity.

    Outlook: This feature will be enhanced further in future releases. We are already planning to enable you in assigning a specific template to a certain entity type — we will keep you posted on this one for sure.

  • New Text Editor Option for Text Alignment

    As noted by some of you it was not yet possible to have influence on text alignment for formatted text fields. By today you can find the text alignment options whenever our WYSIWYG editor is used. Just look out for the respective symbols.

  • Instance Limit Update: 5 Instances per Account

    Some of you already managed to hit the ceiling concerning the three instances you could have for your YARPS account. After reassuring that performance should not suffer from raising the limit once more, you can now create up to 5 instances in your account.

  • First Batch of Kickstarter Surveys Processed

    As we already received plenty of responds concerning the survey we recently sent to our Kickstarter backers, the first batch of email mappings has been processed with this update. Further details are given in a dedicated update on the YARPS Kickstarter project page

2020, January 16th (Version 0.2.8)
Usability Improvements & Kickstarter Pledge Assignments

Beside the noticable changes, which you find listed below, we are providing plenty of changes under the hood as well. Please therefore be patient when accessing an instance for the first time after the update. During this first instance access, initiated by you, the application will perform some background tasks which can cause the the application to appear a little slow for 60 seconds.

  • New Attribute: Shared with players

    As a GM you now can share secret entities with certain non GM users via the entitie’s edit view.

  • New Role: Player Editor

    This role can create entities that are flagged as Draft and are only visible to themselves and users with GM role (GM Secret & shared with the creator). This role’s users can edit most attributes of all entities they have permission to see. (visible entities & shared entities)

    Some attributes that would break the security level of this role are not editable of course. Uneditable attributes are status, visibility and shared with players.

  • New Instance Settings

    Owners now can configure wether all players can edit their own player characters. Also instance owners now can configure wether all player editors can see secret entities (that are not shared with them) in lists, in order to prevent creation of duplicates.

    You can find these settings via the navigation bar in the bottom left, by navigating to Instance Settings

  • Dashboard: New “My Shared Entities” Box for Players and Player Editors

    We created a new box section for Player and Player Editor roles that contains all the entities that are shared with tis particular user in order to provide easier collaboration – especially in conjunction with the introduced Player Editor role.

  • Dashboard: New “Shared Entities” Box for GMs & Owners

    GMs and Owner roles also get a now box, giving a brief overview of what entities are shared with other players which usually would be hidden due to having the visibility set to GM Secret.

  • Dashboard: New “Player-Created Drafts” Box for GMs & Owners

    In order to keep track of what has been created by your comrades with the Player Editor role assigned, this box shows all of the draft entities created by them.

  • Users can now rename all entity types

    Users can now rename all entity types in the respective entity types detail view which you can navigate to via the Encyclopedia menu item.

  • New Entity Type: “Other”

    for Characters, Creatures, Factions, Items, Background Articles you now can also set “Other” as a type.

  • Manage Boxes and Fields

    It is now possible to edit options of most existing dropdown / multiselect attributes. Before this release it wasn’t possible to edit options once you initially created them.

  • Bugfix: Infinite Loading for Attribute Settings

    Attribute settings form now should always loading correctly, whereas before loading sometimes resulted in an infinite loop.

  • Kickstarter Pledge Assignment

    Our Kickstarter backers can now view and confirm their KS Pledge in the Customer Account Dashboard for their respective YARPS account. Users who confirmed their Kickstarter pledge will have their Idea Hub Votes assinged automatically.

    We will provide further guidance regarding this in a dedicated update on Kickstarter.

  • Changelog

    The changelog is now accessible from the help menu within the YARPS application