Fr 16.12.2022

Introducing: our charismatic code-wizard

Dear friends and backers of YARPS!

with a world persisting in ongoing crisis mode, I wondered: do you sometimes play RPG sessions where simply nothing happens but meeting with friends, chatting about the future and drinking good mead? Does every story need a dark turn or could it also be a safe place, where quests proceed peacefully and relaxed and whatever end they take, it points to a better future?

The YARPS team has created its own little microcosm, and this microcosm contains a lot which I really appreciate. I realized this when I checked the list of team mate introductions we posted so far. Good roleplaying and interesting characters are the core of outstanding RPG sessions. So, we gathered (amongst others) an ambitious blade juggler, a shady merchant and a mindful artist. We gave us nice Nicknames for the character sheet to give the roles we play a cool, matching name. But the joyful truth behind this is: we are not playing roles. We are authentic.


We are authentic when we enter the office, either physically or digitally, and when we leave. The composition of the YARPS team is really felicitous. While being very diversified if it comes to characters, we share a high level of common values and respect for the respective views of the world. We form a fellowship of adventurers, and we are on the quest to create YARPS, a smart tool kit for roleplayers, a powerful artifact if you want. But you can’t create an artifact without magic. And who brings this power to our group? Who are the mages in the YARPS team? The web developers.


One of these coding nerds was my interview partner today. And to forestall one experience: it was good times! Here he comes: the charismatic code wizard: German.


German: Hi Michael!

Michael: We maybe should make one thing clear before starting our adventure. German is your first name, not your citizenship.

It’s both. (laughing) I am German and german at the same time.

Not many people share this condition, I suppose. With that out of the way let’s begin with classic warm-up small talk. How are you today?

You know me, I love smalltalk! (winking) Though, let’s be honest, I much prefer a deep and honest conversation, since there is never a short answer to that set phrase you gave me. In short: I’m one of the most “glücklich” (author’s note: to be translated by “happy”, but the word “glücklich” contains a deeper meaning of feeling delighted) humans on earth – as a baseline.

From a team mate perspective: this baseline is very perceptible as soon as you enter a room. For me, you are our jester. Is this why you have been given the nickname “charismatic code wizard”?

I suppose it was a deduction based on the open positions mentioned on our website Compositas GmbH | Web- und Softwaredevelopment | Freiburg.
It states “thinker” and “artist” for the most needed coders on the market. Subsequently, a “magician” would be that unicorn, checking the combined boxes. The rarest breed of a software engineer, however, is the following: Take a fantastic magician and show him or her to be fancy, to be socially competent and have a spark of charisma. And neat they should be. If you succeed – voilà! That’s how the title was born! We’re working on being modest, though. (laughing)
All jokes aside: an old friend from Ireland, she once gave me the attribute “quaint”, as most fitting to my personality. I never forgot that word, and maybe that is just about where the magic is coming from, really.

Magic is not only a matter of charisma. You’re also a code wizard. What are you working on at present?

Basically YARPS. But we knew that. More accurately: 100 simultaneous magic tricks on all the levels. What does a button finally look like, how data structure works best for a game environment, which guided user flow is most pleasing for the experience, where does a translation come from? Solutions to all of the requirements, and nothing has low priority. (smiling)

Sounds like a couple of traits and skills in the magic schools are truly helpful. What is your main role in the YARPS project?

I’m having three main roles in the development department: conception and architecture mostly for front- but also for the backend, support and execution of the overall development and lastly supervision and integration of design and UX. Not to forget documentation and guidelines which are always companion tasks.

Which feature or function of YARPS excites you the most?

That is easy! Quite frankly spoken: technically there are no limits. And I want to give credit for that to our Fearless Conductor (author’s note: Steff, you might already know as “the guy”, but his proper introduction will follow soon). He just rocks the abstraction layer like I’ve seen it only once or twice before in my career.

I reflected on the team introduction series in the last days and realized that what we created at Compositas is special. Do you share this impression?

A clear Yes! While it is easy to find a good company to work in, it is quite a task to find a proper place to work. Since spending a third of your awake lifetime is something that should be pleasant and fun, I don’t want to feel “being at work”, but rather be doing what I love. Stay with people I understand and like. Being in a cozy environment. Finding solutions to a challenging project.
All that leads me to the team I’m working with. The office I’m going to every morning (except for Mondays – I forgot to mention work-life-balance (giggling)). And obviously the amazing platform we’re creating – YARPS! Heaven for webdevs!!

Subsequent – and last – question: If you had to describe the YARPS team with only three attributes – which ones would you choose?

Handpicked, social, productive and heartful. Choose three yourself! (smiles)

Thanks a lot for this great time we shared, German! I would love to continue, but you need to proceed with coding, since there is a web app that waits to be developed, so I don’t want to hold you off.

Thanks Michael, it was really good times!

That is it for today. There are two team mates left to be introduced, and both are developers. So stay tuned!

We wish you all a relaxed and cozy end of the year!

On behalf of the YARPS/Compositas team,